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Facebook Ads is the tool made available to companies, professionals and managers of Facebook pages for the creation of paid advertising ads.
This allows you to manage advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram, since they, together with Whatsapp and other companies, are now part of the same company led by Mark Zuckerberg.
To start advertising your business you must have a Business Instagram account or a Business Facebook page (Manager Ads creates them for free), including a payment method and business data.

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The costs to realize an advertising campaign are performance, that is they are calculated based on the results obtained through the cost per click (CPC), cost per display (CPV) or the cost per conversion. These prices are set by the algorithms of Facebook during the ad and are closely related to the performance of the campaign, in fact, the higher the yield and the lower the cost per conversion or the cost per click.
The other fundamental factor for the calculation of the cost, is the time: the best performances in fact are recorded with the advertising campaigns of long period, (6-12 months) with which it is possible to collect reliable data and create a reference audience with a high conversion rate, which can make an important contribution to the growth of the company for all the years to come.

Our mission is to find the right audience for you and optimize the performance of the advertising campaign over time, to get more and more results. 
For the conversion monitoring you need the Pro Setup plan, with which we can install on your site the tracking tags directly on the buttons or for other actions that the user should perform for a conversion to be generated.
Once you have chosen your plan, one of our managers will activate your advertising campaign in 2-3 working days and you will then receive a periodic performance report.

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