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Today over 90% of web traffic passes through Google, thanks to it people can find any information they want and at the same time, those who have information they can disseminate through Google, worldwide.
For businesses and professionals it is increasingly essential to be visible on search engines and on the web. Google Ads is the advertising platform for the management of advertising on search engines, on over 3 million Google partner sites, on apps and on Youtube.Through its algorithms and advanced features made available to Ads managers, Google manages to achieve the goal of relevance of search results and advertisements.

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The types of ads are different and constantly growing, in addition to classic ad search with keywords and ad display, you have also added ads Shopping and Discover campaigns, which include, for example, Gmail ads and Youtube banner.
With these tools you can create brand awareness campaigns, product consideration, lead generation and many others, and optimize them for conversions, clicks or even for ROI (Return On Investment) with the help of the performance planning tool and algorithms.

Our mission is to find the right audience for you and optimize the performance of the advertising campaign over time, to get more and more results. The standard duration of our management is 30 days but the performance of the ads is statistically better for plans over 3 months.
For the conversion monitoring you need the Pro Setup plan, with which we can install on your site the tracking tags directly on the buttons or for other actions that the user should perform for a conversion to be generated.
Once you have chosen your plan, one of our managers will activate your advertising campaign in 2-3 working days and you will then receive a periodic performance report.

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