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Increase your brand awareness.

“Instagram ads” means all the advertising activities (advertisements) carried out on this channel through the tools available, behind a performance fee, based on the clicks received.
Normal profile and organic traffic are not always enough to grow on Instagram, so you need a paid advertising plan (which has nothing to do with buying followers and other harmful practices)it is possible to broaden the audience of the people to whom the content is shown.
Thanks to the immediacy and visual communication of images, Instagram is the most used social media of the moment, with over a billion users per month.
More and more companies are investing in this channel, as it is profitable and measurable, unlike other traditional advertising channels.

Social advertising

How it work

Connect with your target audience.

The social media of millennials.

To start sponsoring posts and stories, you need to create a business profile by entering business data and payment method, in a simple and intuitive way. With advanced features, you can create ads campaigns with different goals: to get as many views as possible, to bring qualified traffic to the website, or to be contacted by interested people. For shops and e-commerce there is also the possibility to promote their products through posts, directly linking the catalog.
The platform allows you to start even with small budgets, starting from 1 Dollar, but if you want to get a good performance of ads, and use a higher advertising budget, you must use the professional tools and advanced features made available by Facebook, for ads managers. The use of these tools, need adequate skills, and it is advisable to turn to a professional advertising manager as Manager Ads, able to create and manage the whole process, up to data analysis and performance optimization over time.

Our mission is to find the right audience for you and optimize the performance of the advertising campaign over time, to get more and more results. 
For the conversion monitoring you need the Pro Setup plan, with which we can install on your site the tracking tags directly on the buttons or for other actions that the user should perform for a conversion to be generated.
Once you have chosen your plan, one of our managers will activate your advertising campaign in 2-3 working days and you will then receive a periodic performance report.

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