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Linkedin is a social network with 680 million users worldwide. It has quickly become the most important reference point for professionals who can use the community to introduce themselves, publish and look for a job. In recent years more and more companies have started to sponsor services and products on this platform.
With Linkedin you can create ad hoc ads to pursue three purposes:

  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Engagement

The high quality of the targeting tools allows you to identify with extreme precision the desired audience.

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It should be noted that Linkedin has millions of members representing as many consumers. The first step to setting a campaign is the selection of the target audience.There are four ways available with Linkedin Advertising:

  • Text ads: you can find them on the profile page or at the sides of the newsfeed
  • Sponsored ads: appear directly in the newsfeed
  • Mail Ads: sending personalized advertising messages via email
  • Video ads: multimedia content suitable for the platform

Any activity can benefit from the tools offered by Linkedin Advertising, but it is good to specify that without a clear targeting strategy efforts may prove fruitless. First of all you can have up-to-date data with which you can target users better than other social networks. Conversion rates are also higher as are the costs of setting the campaign, which are higher than the competition. Linkedin offers numerous possibilities to communicate, increase contacts and build brand awareness. For businesses and private users, therefore, there is an unmissable opportunity to reach the target audience without spending huge resources on traditional advertising.

Our mission is to find the right audience for you and optimize the performance of the advertising campaign over time, to get more and more results. 
For the conversion monitoring you need the Pro Setup plan, with which we can install on your site the tracking tags directly on the buttons or for other actions that the user should perform for a conversion to be generated.
Once you have chosen your plan, one of our managers will activate your advertising campaign in 2-3 working days and you will then receive a periodic performance report.

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