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Increase your reputation with videos.

Today Youtube ranks second in the ranking of the most used search engines, after Google, reaching in some cases audience levels similar to those of television.
The reasons that drive companies to prefer this channel more and more are many: first of all it presents affordable costs for professionals and Smes, allowing the scalability of advertising investment and related performance.
The other feature is the ability to measure results with statistical tools and analyze data for the optimization of advertising campaigns.
But the real strength of Youtube advertising campaigns, is the ability to show video content to a selected audience, based on interests, demographic data or other factors, resulting more relevant to the user, unlike the TV spots that are broadcast to everyone.

Video ads

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High-impact advertising.

Captures the interest of the user.

The platform offers different types of advertising, here are the main:

  • Video ads by Trueview
    These are spots shown before the video, which can be skipped after 5 seconds, and have no duration limits. The interesting feature of such type of ads is paid only if the user displays it for more than 30 seconds or clicks on the ad.
  • Video ads not to be ignored
    They are videos that have a limited duration of 20 seconds and can be shown before, during and after the video you intend to watch, however this type of video ads cannot be skipped.
  • Bumper ads
    This is the shortest type of video ads, in fact it has a maximum duration of 6 seconds and is placed before the start of the selected video, but even this is not ignored by the user.

We will only need to provide the link to the video and we will create your strategy. 

Our mission is to find the right audience for you and optimize the performance of the advertising campaign over time, to get more and more results. The standard duration of our management is 30 days but the performance of the ads is statistically better for plans over 3 months.
For the conversion monitoring you need the Pro Setup plan, with which we can install on your site the tracking tags directly on the buttons or for other actions that the user should perform for a conversion to be generated.
Once you have chosen your plan, one of our managers will activate your advertising campaign in 2-3 working days and you will then receive a periodic performance report.


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