Advertising: What Is It, What Does It Mean And What Do Its Most Popular Abbreviations Mean?

Anglicisms are rapidly influencing the Italian language. Many terms that appear unedited and singular are often just simple translations. This is the case of the Anglophone word advertising which corresponds in Italian to the term advertising. Its most common abbreviations are ADV and ADS . They have the same meaning and are literally depopulating online. It is impossible to admit that you have never noticed them while surfing the web because they now characterize many services available on the Internet. Advertising is essential for any business that wants to gain more visibility and an edge over the competition.

In this article we will find out what a communication campaign is and how to organize it .

ADS And ADV: What These Two Popular Forms Mean Online.

As anticipated in the introduction, the two terms represent the abbreviation of advertising, corresponding in Italian to the word advertising . They are used online to emphasize the commercial nature of some post or announcement. They outline all the activities concerning marketing and communication strategiesused to promote a product or service. The goal is the transmission of promotional messages capable of influencing and stimulating consumers. The web has significantly influenced the nature and method of dissemination of commercial content. Contemporary advertising campaigns can integrate traditional media with current ones to reach a significantly wider audience than in the past. Advertising is a fundamental tool for any company that wants to consolidate its position, differentiate itself from the competition and communicate its values.

What Are Advertising Campaigns?

A communication strategy that pursues long or medium-term economic objectives. They are planned to increase revenues, sponsor a product, attract consumer attention and improve corporate image. An advertising campaign involves various activities that must consistently convey the message to the target audience. For this they include and integrate different means of communication . TV commercials or print ads are no longer sufficient nowadays to guarantee adequate coverage. This is why digital marketing has become essential to engage and intercept a larger portion of the public.

The advertising strategy involves several phases that must converge towards a single shared objective. Generally an advertising campaign is planned to sponsor the launch of a new product or service on the market . Other times it is designed to strengthen the brand image , conquer a portion of the market or to acquire new consumers. Advertising is transmitted through various communication channels. The main ones used by marketing are:

  • Traditional media : newspaper, magazine, radio, television, outdoor advertising, leafleting.
  • Digital media : direct mail, social networks, multimedia content, text ads, wallpapers, banners, pop ups.

How Do You Organize A Communication Campaign?

An advertising strategy involves several steps. Each phase is carefully planned to uniquely convey the announcements to the chosen audience . Let’s see what are the main steps that are taken to plan a communication campaign :

  • Definition of objectives and expected results
  • Setting the budget for the advertising campaign
  • Identification and identification of the reference target
  • Selection of offline and online media (Communication Mix)
  • Production of textual and multimedia contents (Content Strategy)

What Does An Advertising Manager Do?

This professional defines and coordinates all the activities involved in an advertising campaign. Must devise the advertising strategy and select the most suitable communication channels for the dissemination of messages. The advertising manager stimulates consumers to encourage purchases and promote the corporate image. To obtain these results you must establish a budget, analyze the market and identify the target audience. You manage advertising campaigns by integrating traditional and digital media to cover a larger portion of the audience.

Advertising is the best way to promote your business in a highly competitive market. The size of the company doesn’t matter because everyone needs visibility to involve the greatest number of available consumers. Today, advertising also makes use of the new digital tools that have literally multiplied the possibilities of contact between companies and their customers. That’s why no one can give up advertising to get concrete results, improve the image and increase sales .

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