Google Ads (Formerly AdWords)

Today over 90% of web traffic passes through Google, thanks to it people can find any information they want and at the same time, those who have information can disclose it through Google, all over the world.
For companies and professionals it is increasingly essential to be visible on search engines and on the web. Google Ads is the advertising platform for managing advertising on search engines, on over 3 million Google partner sites, on apps and on YouTube.
Through its algorithms and advanced features made available to Ads managers , Google manages to achieve the goal of relevance of search results and advertisements.
The strength of this platform derives from the great modularity of the degree of difficulty of use, through Google Express in fact, even small businesses or people with no particular experience can create advertisements in a simple way, thanks to intelligent campaigns, however, if you want to obtain high performance, Google Ads allows you to implement complex and more effective communication strategies.
The types of ads are different and constantly growing, in addition to the classic ad on the search network with keywords and the display ad, Shopping ads and Discover campaigns have also been added, which include, for example, ads on Gmail and video spots on YouTube .
With these tools you can create brand awareness campaigns , product consideration campaigns, lead generation campaigns and many more, and optimize them for conversions, clicks or even ROI (Return On Investment) with the help of the tool. performance planning and algorithms.
For the creation of advanced Ads campaigns on this platform, it is advisable to contact a Google-certified advertising manager such as Manager Ads , who will be able to create the right strategy, technically implement the campaign and optimize it with data analytics tools.


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