Ads management

Advertising in Italy on digital media.

Why sell in Italy.

In the international scene Italy has always been a strategic country from the commercial point of view.
To sell in Italy, however, you need to know all the habits of consumers and the dynamics of this people, for the sector of reference, as well as know the language well.
For the creation of an advertising campaign, the presence on site of an advertising manager of Italian mother tongue is therefore very important to pass a correct and clear advertising message in the eyes of consumers.

Management of advertising campaigns in Italy

Today Digital media allow brands to create measurable strategies aimed at their target audience, monitoring performance and optimizing over time, for a better return on investment.
If your company wants to create an international presence, but does not have an Italian advertising manager in its team, our services can help you achieve the goals of your marketing plan, with constant remote coordination.

We provide certified Ads managers and native Italian language able to manage your advertising accounts on different platforms, without the need to hire one or without opening a branch in Italy, integrating perfectly into your marketing team. We set up your advertising campaigns on different channels, including web analytics and conversion tracking on the website.

The Ads Manager agency specializes in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and performance marketing campaigns on Google, for the first page positioning of text ads and banner ads.
We create Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Conversion campaigns, which provide payment to result based on the results really obtained (performance marketing), carefully planning the right keywords, target audience, communication strategy and optimize performance with data-driven methodologies.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns, also called “search ads” reach potential customers through the search engine SERP when queries are typed by users searching for a product or service.This promotion system makes use of keywords and has an auction operation, so that it is more visible the announcement of the company that offered more for clicking on a specific query.
Search Engine Advertising (SEA) campaigns, also called “display ads” reach potential customers through visual content in advertising banners of different formats, depending on the device and platform on which it is distributed.

In addition to creating impact images for the end user, you need to study the correct marketing strategy in order to choose the right media and promote the content to the right target audience.

Below are our plans to start setting up your Ads Campaigns right away.

If you need a more structured media plan and an Italian media buyer, we invite you to contact us directly, to understand together how to reach your marketing goals.

Businesses are organizations of people who pursue the goal of satisfying the most diverse needs of the human being. However, these needs can change over time, especially if we look at the last period of our history, characterized by strong technological progress and unpredictable events that have changed people’s daily habits.

The market in which companies operate necessarily follows human needs, that is, consumers, and thanks to marketing analysis it is possible to observe demand and establish new effective positioning strategies, for the sale of products or services.
A successful communication plan must necessarily go through the study of the market context and then from in-depth analysis of all the other alternatives that the consumer in question may face.

Our preliminary analyses allow companies to differentiate themselves from competitors, assuming a higher perceived value in the eyes of the consumer.The creation of a proposal of adequate value towards the end user, requires a wide knowledge of the market and the competitive context, but it is a phase strongly determining in the mind of the consumer, when this compares this offer with others, weighing and evaluating every little detail, to try to understand what is the most suitable product for him and to make his final decision.

Native Ads in Italy


The large presence of invasive banner ads on the web, often not aimed at the right audience, has led many brands to prefer different advertising strategies, which allow consumers to discover the benefits of a product or service in a more natural way, while browsing the open web.

The strength of native ads is precisely that of not being perceived by the user as an ad, thanks to the perfect integration of the content within the various media, but especially thanks to the contextual targeting of advertising.
Thanks to native advertising brands can increase awareness by educating and influencing their target audience with interesting content.
The placement of native ads does not happen, as in social media, in preset spaces for the user but in the open web, through a network of premium publishers, able to increase the authority of the content.
The new artificial intelligence technologies allow you to understand the quality of the content of publishers, the degree of affinity with your ad and carry out predictive analysis for the improvement of placement strategies.
The creation of native advertising strategies allows advertisers to improve KPIs and in particular to increase the permanence of the user on the website thanks to the increased interest of the moment.
In a general context where larger platforms always have higher CPC and manage strategies based on 3th party data is increasingly complicated for companies, native ads become increasingly used within media plans, with relevant case studies in which such strategies demonstrate the reduction of CPA and a lower bounce rate.

Modern advertising media allow us to train the algorithms of advertising campaigns so that they produce more and more conversions, or that action on the website that the user must perform to achieve the business goal.
The conversion tracking on the website is a strategic practice for those who decide to invest in advertising, because it allows you to optimize the ROI (Return On Investment).
This is a very important part of digital campaigns and, depending on the platform you choose, you need different methodologies and skills, including coding.
Our experience allows us to track on-site conversions and connect the different existing platforms correctly.
In the management of communication plans, in which advertising messages are distributed over multiple digital channels, constant and accurate monitoring of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is essential and the actions taken by users on the relevant website or social media. Our reporting tools allow us to connect all the data sources of the different channels and send periodic reports according to the specific needs of each project, to always have control of what happens.

Conversion tracking


SEO in Italy


All those brands that intend to market their products or services on the Italian market can integrate SEO into their digital communication plan, to make their online presence stronger and to increase organic traffic to their website. Our SEO managers will find the right solution to offer your services in Italy, through the creation of specific keywords plans and the technical implementation on your website, or with the possibility of developing a new website all Italian.
Placing a website on search engines is increasingly complex due to the increase in online competitiveness and the increasing amount of websites that Google’s algorithm must scan.
Our Artificial Intelligence systems allow you to improve Vitals Web Cores and consequently website performance, to support SEO activities and provide companies with a strong competitive advantage.
The application of our artificial intelligence systems greatly improves the performance of the website thanks to the image optimization, the JS/CSS code minimization and concatenation and the optimized management of AI-based HTML cache.
These features enable better user experience and automatic improvement of Vitals Web Cores, bringing a high increase of organic traffic on all web pages.

Our team of experts in digital advertising is here for you, contact us to find out how to start a growth plan for your brand in Italy.